All True statements involving Hillary Clinton

"A ham and cheese sandwich on one slice of bread is the responsibility of the USDA ... But a ham and cheese sandwich on two slices of bread is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration."

"Senator Obama's relatives and friends say he has been talking about running for president for at least the last 15 years," a campaign spokesman said.

"When Sen. Edwards ran in 2004, he wasn't for universal health care. I'm glad he is now."

"The Alternative Minimum Tax was never intended to hit people in middle income, upper middle income. It was meant for people who are rich and evading taxes."

Nearly half of Hispanic voters in Arizona's last election supported four measures that were "very tough on illegal immigration."

"She stood by ground zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives and kept standing till this administration took action."

"Look, I believe in accountability. In 1983, I led the effort in Arkansas to improve our schools."

"Each year, 18,000 people die in America because they don't have health care."

Health insurance premiums "have almost doubled ... since 2000."

"About 40 percent of Hispanic homeowners have subprime mortgages."

\u201CThirty-four percent of Hispanics don\u2019t have any health care at all, don\u2019t have any health insurance.\u201D

"In New York, when she ran for reelection, she carried 58 of our 62 counties. George Bush had won 40 counties in New York just two years earlier."

"Let's pay attention to kids who are not going to college, which ends up being about 60 percent of the kids... and get them trained for the jobs that are there. Because, you know, there are auto mechanic jobs paying $50,000, $60,000 that they can't get filled. There are airline mechanic jobs paying a lot of money that can't get filled." Remarks at AFSCME forum 6/19/2007  

"Corporate profits are up, CEO pay is up, but average wages of Americans are flat."

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