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All True statements involving John Kasich

"Right now, Texas doesn’t have an income tax and Oklahoma’s lowering their income tax rates, and guess what their severance tax is? Sky high."

"Under Gov. Kasich, Ohio wages have increased by $10.3 billion."

Agriculture "is the strongest industry in Ohio."

"Ninety percent of the topsoil has inadequate moisture to grow crops."

"Our rainy day fund has gone from 89 cents to $240 million."

"We were the No. 1 job creator in America in February and we are now the No. 4 job creator in the last year."

Says Ohio has 77 job training programs spread across 13 state agencies.

"We have had some significant accomplishments on a bipartisan basis."

"We’re. . . keeping and creating jobs in our state. From American Greetings, to Wendy’s, to Diebold, we’ve gone to their doorsteps to keep jobs right here in Ohio."

"Believe it or not, consumer spending is up over the last eight months."  

"We're within 600 miles of 60 percent of America. We're in a perfect location."

"Our average private sector employee pays 23 percent for their health care. Our average city worker in Ohio pays 9 percent."

"We have lost 600,000 jobs over the period of the last 10 years. Only Michigan and California have done worse."

"I think [a little] less than half of the people in our prisons are in there for less than a year.  ... We have people who are check kiters and don't pay child support and we are locking them up in the state pen."

"Since 1904, the Ohio victor has won the presidency 25 out of 27 times "

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