All statements involving Jon Huntsman

"What’s clear is (Romney) likes firing people."

Says the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction proposal went from President Barack Obama's desk to "the garbage can."

"I delivered a flat tax for my state. I took my state to No. 1 in job creation. With all due respect to what Rick Perry has said about Texas, we did a little bit better."

"In this country … we have more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil."

"You look at defense … we're spending more than the rest of the world combined."

"We have more natural gas in this country than Saudi Arabia has oil."

The United States sends "$300 billion -- half our trade deficit -- overseas for oil to unstable and unfriendly regimes."

Says Mitt Romney flip-flopped on gun control.

Says Mitt Romney flip-flopped on abortion.

"The IRS is already planning on 19,500 new employees to administer" Obama’s health care mandate.

"I created a flat tax in the state of Utah. It took that state to the number-one position in terms of job creation."

Utah was "the No. 1 job creator in this country during my years of service" as governor, with a 5.9 percent increase in jobs.

Says Jon Huntsman supports changes in Medicare that would deny guaranteed benefits to 980,000 New Hampshire residents.

China is or soon will be "the largest English-speaking nation" in the world.

There are 500 million Internet users "and 80 million bloggers who are driving discussions in China. … So you’ve got a lot of people voicing frustration and discontent."

"We created a flat tax in the state of Utah."

The United States has "the longest surviving constitution."

Says that when he was governor of Utah, he worked with the state Legislature to create a flat tax that "cut income taxes by 30 percent."

Says that in 2009, Jon Huntsman "said that the Recovery Act wasn't large enough and as governor he asked for $14.4 billion in federal stimulus funds. Now he's saying that he never supported it."

The U.S. is spending "one out of every six Defense Department dollars on Afghanistan."

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