All statements involving Kendrick Meek

"The Taliban has been there for years and years, I mean, hundreds of thousands of years."

"Middle-class families throughout America (would) have to pay $6,000 per year" to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.

Marco Rubio says "Solo Ingles" (English only).

"I’m the only one who's fought against developers draining the Everglades!"

Kendrick Meek claims he's the only candidate who said Sonia Sotomayor "will make an excellent Supreme Court justice."

"Seventy bills [Kendrick Meek] authored, not one of them has passed."  

"There’s a mosque inside of the Pentagon."

"Warren Buffett called credit default swaps financial weapons of mass destruction. And Greene was the first individual to use them."

"Kendrick Meek was named one of the two most corrupt Democrats in Congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington."

"Jeff Greene can buy anything" ...  he owns two mansions.

"Warren Buffett called (Jeff) Greene's scheme 'financial weapons of mass destruction.' "

Democratic candidate Jeff Greene "ran for Congress as a California Republican."

Kendrick Meek was "#1 in Florida in taking tobacco cash and then opposed a tax on cigars that would have helped pay for children's health care."

Maurice Ferre says Kendrick Meek "has voted 98.6 percent of the time with the Democrat party."  

"The first time he ever voted as a Democrat was here in Florida in 2008. He only voted four times in his life, and he's asking Floridians to come out and vote for him."

"My opponent here has accepted money from Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae (and) hosted subprime mortgage seminars."  

Jeff Greene "is the king of the undercover Credit Default Swap that brought about the destruction of our economy that we have right now."

"When I become the nominee, the Democratic nominee, I will be the only pro-choice candidate on the ballot."

"Kendrick Meek is the only candidate who has consistently been against expanded drilling."

"Jeff Greene only moved from California to Florida in the last two years. In fact, he would not legally be allowed to run for any other statewide office because he has not lived here long enough to meet the residency requirement."

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