All statements involving Lloyd Doggett

Travis County is "surrounded by red counties."

"During the last election, Democrats won over a million votes more than Republicans, but because of the way districts are designed, the Republicans got 33 more members of the House of Representatives than the Democrats did."

"The last time Republicans held hostage a resolution to ensure that our country’s bills were paid cost us more than $1 billion in added interest and slowed the economic recovery."

Lloyd Doggett "made millions off companies like Bank of America while they took taxpayer bailout money."

Says he represents or has represented about half the San Antonio-rooted district in which he seeks election.

Says that according to one economist, $1 of unemployment benefits boosts the economy by $1.61.

Says the main Central Texas food bank is delivering 50 percent more food to the poor than three years ago.

"Twenty-five states have lower unemployment than Texas" which is "tied with Mississippi for more minimum-wage jobs than anywhere in the United States."

"In Austin, I’ve got half-a-dozen or more schools on a list to be closed — one of which I presented a federal blue-ribbon award to for excellence. And several hundred school personnel on the list for possible terminations."

"The richest 1 percent of America will get a bigger tax cut through this bill than the family income of the average family here in Central Texas."

"Donna Campbell has called for ending all federal funding for education"

Says Lloyd Doggett voted for the health care, stimulus and cap-and-trade bills.

"I said no to these big bank bailouts."

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett is “the most liberal man in the United States Congress.”

"With this reform, every insured American gets valuable consumer protections, and every uninsured American can become insured."

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