All statements involving Marco Rubio

"Re: (Marco) Rubio's support of earmark ban: In 2002 alone, he requested 37 earmarks worth $43 million."

Of the more than 1.3 million temporary mortgage modifications, over half have defaulted.  

Charlie Crist "attacks me for positions he held, like, six months ago, (when) he was running in the Republican primary."

Says Marco Rubio said that "people who essentially don't agree with him, ought to leave the country, like Keith Olbermann."

Says Marco Rubio sold a home to a chiropractor who had been lobbying him on automobile insurance legislation and "once he sold the home, for $380,000 cash, the speaker's position on the issue changed."

Marco Rubio says "Solo Ingles" (English only).

"The years that I was speaker, the Florida House consistently offered leaner budgets than the governor offered."

Marco Rubio "wants to raise the Social Security retirement age," and "cut benefits."

Marco Rubio tried to insert "$1.5 million for a rowing institute" into the state budget.

Marco Rubio "opposes extending unemployment benefits."

"Charlie Crist has six different positions on ObamaCare."  

Kendrick Meek claims he's the only candidate who said Sonia Sotomayor "will make an excellent Supreme Court justice."

"If we ban the practice of earmarks, we could save the American taxpayer anywhere between $15 (billion) to $20 billion dollars a year in pork-barrel spending."  

Marco Rubio's "economic proposals will add $3.5 trillion to the federal deficit."

"Forty cents of every dollar being spent by the federal government is being borrowed from my children."

"$120,000 will be spent by taxpayers on Charlie Crist's political photo-op special session."

“We are picking up oil with shovels and paper and plastic bags.”

"Gov. Crist's veto also clears the way for taxpayer funding of abortion in Florida."

Charlie Crist "bizarrely vetoed" $9.7 million for a teaching hospital at the University of Florida "despite having previously argued the budget request had merit."

On the Arizona immigration law.

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