All True statements involving Mitt Romney

Says Obama broke his promise to offer a comprehensive immigration bill in his first year.

Says Obama promised to cut the deficit in half.

"Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax."

At Bain Capital, "we helped start an early childhood learning company called Bright Horizons that First Lady Michelle Obama rightly praised."

In his first TV interview as president, Obama said we "should talk to Iran."

"Half the kids coming out of college this year … can't find a job, or a job that's consistent with a college degree."

"In 2008, candidate Barack Obama attacked John McCain for proposing cuts to Medicare."

"As president, Barack Obama has never visited Israel."

Says "Rick Santorum supported (Arlen) Specter over conservative candidates twice."

"If you take into account all the people who are struggling for work, or have just stopped looking, the real unemployment rate is over 15 percent."

Says Newt Gingrich’s contract was with "the lobbyists at Freddie Mac."

Says he followed state law and the precedent of other Massachusetts governors when he erased electronic communications as he left office.

"The people in Massachusetts like (the state health care plan) by about a 3-1 margin."

"In writing his book, Gov. Perry pointed out that … by any measure Social Security has been a failure."

"In the month of January, Canada created more new jobs than we did."

"The lifespan of the average American is less than that of people in nations that spend far less (on health care). ... To put it bluntly, we spend more and die sooner."

John McCain has said the economy is "not his strong suit."

"Two-thirds of our economy is a consumer economy."

"Now, I also support the Bush tax cuts. Sen. McCain voted against them originally. He now believes they should be made permanent. I'm glad he agrees they should be made permanent."

"(My dad) used to campaign against the gas-guzzling dinosaurs."

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