All statements involving Newt Gingrich

In 1992, Mitt Romney "gave money to Democrats for Congress."

"The Obama administration ... would impose on every Catholic institution, every Jewish institution, every Protestant institution the Obamacare standard of what you have to buy as insurance." 

Students today "take more years to get through" college.

"We balanced the budget with the 1997 Balanced Budget Act, and ultimately had four consecutive balanced budgets."

Says Newt Gingrich said "Spanish is the language of the ghetto."

"(Newt Gingrich) voted in favor of establishing the Department of Education, and yet he gets in a debate and says we should get rid of the Department of Education and send all the education issues back to the states."

"When I was fighting against cap and trade, the speaker was sitting down with Nancy Pelosi on a sofa encouraging it."

There are 86 languages spoken at Miami Dade College.

Newt Gingrich says electric co-ops and credit unions are "government-sponsored enterprises" like Freddie Mac.

"When I was speaker, we had four consecutive balanced budgets."

Says Mitt Romney "put Planned Parenthood on a state medical board but failed to put a pro-life group on the same board."

"Romney signed government-mandated health care with taxpayer-funded abortions."

"More people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history."

Says Mitt Romney "runs away from Ronald Reagan."

Says Newt Gingrich "co-sponsored a bill with Nancy Pelosi that would have given $60 million a year to a U.N. program supporting China’s brutal one-child policy."

The EPA was asked about an environmental citation for the city landfill in Nashua, N.H. but "didn’t know" why it was cited.

"Fifty percent of Speaker Gingrich’s tax plan goes to the top 1 percent."

"As speaker, Gingrich even supported taxpayer funding of some abortions."

"No federal official at any level is currently allowed to say ‘Merry Christmas.’"

Newt Gingrich "teamed with Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore on global warming."

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