All Half-True statements involving Newt Gingrich

Shutdowns are "a normal part of the constitutional process," with 12 shutdowns under Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill and two during his own speakership.

Since 2007, "Texas has gained 440,000 people" while "Maryland has lost 20,000."

"Gangs have increased by 40 percent since this president was elected."

The labor market is weak because if you count the unemployed, underemployed, and those who’ve stopped looking for work,  the unemployment rate "actually went up last month to 13.5 percent."

Says that Rick Santorum "voted for the unions over FedEx."

Says a federal judge in San Antonio "issued a ruling that … not only could the students not pray at their graduation, if they used the word ‘benediction,’ the word ‘invocation,’ the word ‘God,’ asked the audience to stand or asked for a moment of silence, he would put the superintendent in jail."

Says Mitt Romney "put Planned Parenthood on a state medical board but failed to put a pro-life group on the same board."

"More people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history."

"I never lobbied under any circumstance" for Freddie Mac.

Says IBM leader told Obama that using IBM technology to cut fraud could "pay for" health care reform.

In Chile "they have 72 percent of the GDP in savings."

"By 2014, there will be one administrator for every teacher on college campuses in the United States."

Under President Barack Obama, "more Americans are in poverty ... than at any time since the Census Bureau began keeping records on it over 50 years ago."

"A large number of the uninsured earn $75,000 or more a year."

If today's economy was rebounding at the rate of the "Reagan recovery," it would have created the equivalent of 25 million new jobs and raised federal revenue by $800 billion a year.

President Barack Obama deserves to be called "the most successful food stamp president in American history" because "47 million Americans are on food stamps."

The Obama administration "actually cut out the democracy in Egypt funds inside the State Department."

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