All Mostly True statements involving Newt Gingrich

"(Obamacare) is a bill which has never once had a majority of Americans favor it."

Obama's secretary of energy, Dr. Steven Chu, "has said publicly he wants us to pay European levels (for gasoline), and that would be $9 or $10 a gallon."

"We balanced the budget with the 1997 Balanced Budget Act, and ultimately had four consecutive balanced budgets."

The EPA was asked about an environmental citation for the city landfill in Nashua, N.H. but "didn’t know" why it was cited.

"On the day of the New Hampshire primary in 1980, the top 13 people of Ronald Reagan’s staff quit."

Every 10th dollar spent by the Social Security Administration on its program for the poor is "waste, or fraud, they can’t validate that the people should have gotten it," totaling about $8 billion a year.

In every committee when the health care bill was considered, Democrats voted against an amendment that would require members of Congress and their staff to take the government-run public option as their health care plan.

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