All statements involving Paul Krugman

Says "there have been some job gains in the McMansion State since Mr. Christie took office, but they have lagged gains both in the nation as a whole and in New York and Connecticut, the obvious points of comparison."

"One in four Texans lacks health insurance, the highest proportion in the nation."

"The average Republican voter thinks there should be some revenue as part of this deal."

"There are actually half a million fewer government employees now than there were when (President Barack) Obama took office."

"The average unemployed American has been out of work for almost 40 weeks."

"Large majorities" of the public "oppose major changes to Medicare" and favor higher taxes on the wealthy.

Says taxes paid by the poorest residents of Texas are above the national average.

Texas leads "the nation in the percentage of residents without health insurance."

Says that "data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities suggest that the Texas budget gap is worse than New York’s, about as bad as California’s, but not quite up to New Jersey levels."

A proposal to reduce the deficit "involved large tax cuts for the top bracket."

A recent report from the president's deficit commission was "completely empty" on controlling health care costs.

The Bush administration "pulled the troops out of Afghanistan, pulled the resources away, because they wanted to invade Iraq instead."

The Senate-passed health care bill "is identical to the Massachusetts health care plan -- the same thing."

"If you want to talk firsts for Bush, this was the first time in American history that a president took us into a war and cut taxes."

During the 2005 fight over Social Security, "there were noisy demonstrations — but they were outside the events," and opponents were "not disruptive — crowds booed lines they didn’t like, but that was about it."

Even high estimates for an early draft of the health care plan are "less than the $1.8 trillion cost of the Bush tax cuts."

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