All Mostly True statements involving Rick Scott

"Candidates for governor routinely disclose" their spouses’ tax returns.

"Charlie Crist allowed college tuition to increase up to 15 percent every year."

"Since December 2010 Florida has created 540,000 new jobs."

"Florida ranks first in the nation for access to free prekindergarten."

"Over the past 35 years, Florida families have paid into the (National Flood Insurance Program) over $16 billion, four times more than the amount they have received in claim reimbursements."

"We cut business taxes so today 70 percent of our businesses don't pay a business tax."

"This budget also reflects the smallest state government workforce per 1,000 residents in Florida in this century."

"For the first time in eight years, our budget also increases funding for persons with disabilities by $36 million to help more disabled people receive community-based services."

Says a recent study shows Florida students are second in the world in fourth grade reading, behind Singapore.

Florida has "1,200 golf courses. I think 58 million rounds played a year in Florida. We’ve got 44 percent of all travel golf in the country here. 5 million people come here just for golf."

"About 230,000 people that were on unemployment when I took office are not on unemployment now."

"In some communities, for $10,000 worth of (PIP) coverage it’s $1,500 a year."

"We are poised to get rid of over 1,000 more regulations in 2012."

Says the state tax burden per citizen in New York is twice as high as in Florida.

"In the past year, Floridians, not government, created almost 135,000 new private sector jobs. We netted more than 120,000 total jobs in the first 11 months of 2011; the third most of any state in the nation."

Says adding toll lanes on I-95 in Broward County improved rush-hour traffic for non-toll lanes from 25 mph to 45 mph.

Says the Panhandle has had its highest-ever bed tax collections in 2011.

"Since I took office, we’ve created 76,800 jobs."

Says he vetoed $250,000 from the budget for a program to learn how to catch rainwater.

"Hackers broke into Virginia's prescription-drug database (and) ... obtained more than 8.2 million patient records and a total of nearly 36 million prescriptions."

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