All statements involving Rudy Giuliani

"Murder went up" when Romney was governor. "Robbery went up. Violent crimes went up."

"People were hopeless. Sixty percent of the population, 70 percent of the population wanted to live somewhere else. . . . By the time I left, 70 percent wanted to stay."

"The $2.3-billion budget deficit I inherited when I came into office became a $2.9-billion surplus."

"I believe in tax cuts. I believe in being a supply-sider. I cut the income tax I think it was 24 percent. We got 42 percent more revenues."

"America never made up for the gutting of the intelligence services that Bill Clinton did. I think those are (former CIA director George) Tenet's words ... that Bill Clinton gutted American intelligence."

''The leading Democratic candidate once said that the unfettered free market is the most destructive force in modern America.''

"The Alternative Minimum Tax...was created by Congress in 1969 to affect 155 wealthy Americans. Because it was never indexed for inflation, those original 155 taxpayers has increased to affect about 3.5-million in 2006."

"I had prostate cancer, five, six years ago. My chance of surviving prostate cancer, and thank God I was cured of it, in the United States, 82%. My chances of surviving prostate cancer in England, only 44% under socialized medicine."

"Fifty-six percent decline in overall crime. A 73 percent decline in motor-vehicle theft. A 67 percent decline in robbery. A 66 percent decline in murder. This is way beyond what happened in the nation during this period of time.

Thompson "voted against $250,000 caps on damages (and) almost anything that would make our legal system fairer."

"I brought down crime more than anyone in this country -- maybe in the history of this country -- while I was mayor of New York City." -

"I cut taxes 23 times when I was mayor of New York City."

"When I was mayor of New York City, I encouraged adoptions. Adoptions went up 65-70 percent. Abortions went down 16 percent."

"I'm probably one of the four or five best-known Americans in the world."

"What they will do is socialized medicine."

"The crime decline in the United States would be fairly small if it wasn't for the crime decline in New York City."

"Democrats are kind of falling over each other seeing who can raise taxes faster. It looks like they're going to raise taxes anywhere between 20 to 30 percent."

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