All True statements involving Scott Walker

"Wisconsin is #1 in the Midwest for personal income growth over the year."  

"Once our Blueprint for Prosperity is signed into law, we will have delivered $2 billion" in tax relief.

"During my eight years as county executive, we cut the number of county workers by 20 percent."

Says President Franklin Delano Roosevelt "felt there wasn’t a need in the public sector to have collective bargaining because the government is the people."

"Our pension system is the only one in the country that’s 100 percent funded."

Wisconsin is called the Badger State because "our ancestors came here with the hopes of living the American dream by mining."

Says Milwaukee County spent over $170,000 in salaries in 2010 for employees to "participate in union activities such as collective bargaining."

"Most federal employees do not have collective bargaining for benefits, nor for pay."

In 2009, Democratic Wisconsin state senators "rammed through a billion-dollar tax hike in 24 hours with no public input."

Most state employees could pay twice as much toward their health care premiums and it would still be half the national average

Since being elected in 2002, Scott Walker has "given back over $370,000 of his salary to the county."

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