All statements involving Democratic Party of Wisconsin

"He’s been in office nearly four years now, but 40% of Wisconsinites don't know who (U.S. Sen.) Ron Johnson is."

When asked by a reporter whether he’s at the center of a "criminal scheme" to violate campaign laws, Gov. Scott Walker nodded yes.

A bill backed by Sean Duffy and other House Republicans "could actually require the Internal Revenue Service to conduct audits of rape victims" who get an abortion.  

"The national economic recovery has led to higher than expected tax revenues and projected budget surpluses in nearly every state in the nation, including Wisconsin."

Says Gov. Scott Walker dropped out or was kicked out of college short of a degree "not long after" he was "kicked out of student elections at Marquette University."

The 2013-’15 state budget backed by Gov. Scott Walker and Republican lawmakers "left our technical colleges funded at 1989 levels."

Says "over 1 million signatures" were submitted in attempt to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Gov. Scott Walker received a $7,300 pay raise.

A bill supported by Gov. Scott Walker makes it "so that drunk drivers who kill have an easier time of it."

"(U.S. Reps.) Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy and Reid Ribble are … shutting down town hall meetings, or making their constituents pay to attend them."

Under Gov. Scott Walker, "unemployment is increasing in Wisconsin at twice the rate it is nationally."

"Two elections in a row (Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus) has screwed up counting the vote"  

Says Wisconsin state Sen. Randy Hopper, R-Fond du Lac, has already been recalled.

As part of efforts to rein in protesters, Republicans in Wisconsin have "bolted windows inside the Capitol shut."

The five states that outlaw collective bargaining for teachers all rank below 44th in the nation in test scores, while Wisconsin ranks 2nd.

Governor-elect Scott Walker’s opposition to high-speed rail "killed 13,000 Wisconsin jobs"

Says Governor-elect Scott Walker’s choice as transition team leader "killed the release of a damaging report on Walker’s record in the days leading up to the election."

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