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PolitiFact's guide to fake news websites and what they peddle

We've been fact-checking fake news stories for months, and we've noticed several categories and trends in an industry looking to make a fool out of you.

A fake in 140 characters: How not to get tripped up by hoax Twitter accounts

As if having to sidestep scads of fake news stories on the Internet isn’t stressful enough, it’s important to remember sometimes the fabrications can come in just 140 characters.

Fake news website starts as joke, gains 1 million views within 2 weeks

Clearwater, Fla., native James McDaniel said he wanted to see how gullible Internet readers could be, and learned more than he expected.

Fact-checking fake news reveals how hard it is to kill pervasive ‘nasty weed’ online

Here are some lessons we've learned after several weeks of working with Facebook to help boot fabrications from feeds.

Now it's easier to share the facts

We are working with the Duke Reporters' Lab on a new widget that provides readers a way to share fact-check articles and spread them virally across the Internet.

PolitiFact's fact-checks of the week

PolitiFact looks at claims made by Hillary Clinton and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

PolitiFact fact-checks the April 10 shows

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck says Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee equals a sure loss to Hillary Clinton according to "every" poll. Every?

Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's appearance on 'Meet the Press'

The Democratic candidate for preisdent and former secretary of state said she's "put out all my emails." That's not quite right.

Fact-checking the March 20 Sunday shows

We sort out the facts from Meet the Press about Donald Trump's free press and the Senate's Supreme Court stall.     Help PolitiFact fact-check the immigration debate in 2016     7 questions about Obama's Supreme Court nomination

The story behind Nancy Reagan's friendship with Mr. T

We had to know the backstory behind this viral picture shared after Nancy Reagan’s death. • Fact-checking the March 6 news shows • Help PolitiFact raise $15,000 to fact-check the 2016 election.

Fact-checking the March 6 news shows

We look at what David Brooks said about voter turnout in the Republican primary race, as well as Mitt Romney's criticism of Donald Trump.    Help PolitiFact raise $15,000 to hire an additional fact-checker for 2016.

John Oliver slams Trump, cites PolitiFact

In a scathing takedown of Republican frontrunenr Donald Trump, HBO host John references PolitiFact's 2015 Lie of the Year, which we awarded to Trump. 

Donald Trump was in New York, not Chicago, on 9/11, contrary to 2004 Time story

Some corners of the Internet have been bubbling with the discovery of a 2004 Time magazine article that placed Donald Trump in Chicago on 9/11, rather than New York City, as he's said on the campaign trail. Turns out Trump was right and Time was wrong.  

In Context: Donald Trump's turban talk

Trump's comments at a rally, in context, show he might not have been referring to a protester's turban despite media reports.   Fact-checking the Jan. 24 Sunday shows

PolitiFact fact-checks the Jan. 24 shows

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd grills Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders about their chances in the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1.