Cruz paperwork claim about Obamacare draws on flawed research, assumptions

Sen. Ted Cruz aired a paperwork/Mount Rushmores' claim in this July 30, 2013, colloquy on the Senate floor.

Sen. Ted Cruz, among Republicans angling to "de-fund" the Obamacare law, said on the Senate floor that among its shortcomings, the law would lead to massive amounts of fresh paperwork.

In his remarks on July 30, Cruz said: "According to federal agency estimates, Obamacare will add paperwork burdens totaling nearly 190 million hours or more every year. And... to put that in perspective, Mount Rushmore, which took 14 years to build, could be constructed 1,547 times with the paperwork."

We looked into both ends of this claim, finding both that the hours’ forecast and the Mount Rushmore tally have holes. Still, it remains likely the law will account for additional paperwork.

This fact check, along with others related to the 2010 law, are arrayed to the right.

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