Mr. ‘Goeb,’ meet Mr. Dewhurst

David Dewhurst's campaign ad, "Mother of All Debt," criticized Dan Patrick for his past bankruptcy. This debuted April 16, 2014.

David Dewhurst hatched a video ad hammering Dan Patrick’s personal bankruptcy of some years ago.

We spotted some curious factual claims:

--That Patrick changed his name, from Dannie Goeb, to hide from his debts, per Dewhurst. Patrick changed his name years after his debt troubles. Pants on Fire!

--Firing back, Patrick said Dewhurst owes more than $1 million to vendors from his 2012 U.S. Senate run. Those debts are his campaign debts and there’s a wrinkle involving a former Dewhurst adviser whose former house is for sale, with proceeds possibly covering the campaign's bills. Mostly True.

Watch Dewhurst’s ad to the right, just below these latest fact checks.

What else?