Carly Fiorina, Texas native schooled in California, and the Truth-O-Meter

Carly Fiorina talks about being born in Austin, saying her family moved to California when she was seven (though she may have lived other places in between). This video was posted on YouTube by her Senate campaign in 2009.

Newly declared Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has Texas roots.

"Cara Carleton Sneed was born in Austin, Texas," an October 2010, Los Angeles Times news story said.

The story, citing her autobiography, continued: "Her mother, a talented oil painter, was a refugee from a troubled childhood in Ohio. Her father, Joseph Tyree Sneed III, was a University of Texas law professor whose ambition in academia meant that she was perpetually 'the new kid,' she wrote in her autobiography, as the family moved repeatedly."

Her Texas ties don't appear to be deep; the Times story said her father soon joined Stanford University's faculty. California, here she came where eventually she followed on leading the Hewlett-Packard Company to become the Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat.

In that campaign, Fiorina made a video mentioning her birth in Austin and that most of her schooling took place in California.

See her Truth-O-Meter report card HERE.

Footnote: Several presidential prospects have Texas ties.

We bet you know which presidents were born in Texas: Dwight Eisenhower was born in Denison, near the Oklahoma border, and Lyndon B. Johnson was born in Stonewall, west of Austin. George H.W. Bush was born in Massachusetts; former Gov. George W. Bush was born in Connecticut.