Statements we say are Mostly False

Says Texas high school graduates must pass Algebra II to be eligible for automatic admission to state's public universities.

Says nearly 1 million people are "coming to town" in the next 20 years.

Says Texas "school systems" lose 45 days a year on testing.

Says uncompensated health care costs absorbed by Texas hospitals are adding $1,800 a year to Texas private insurance rates.

"Only three in 10 Texas doctors are currently accepting new Medicaid patients."

Says U.S. greenhouse gas "emissions are at 20-year lows."

Says bag litter increased after San Francisco banned single-use shopping bags.

Says president is ‘spending $2.2 billion to give away "ObamaPhones." ’

Says Texas has the most uninsured people of any state -- 6 million.

Says Texas has the nation’s most uninsured residents.

Says that 9 million to 50 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States.

Says Texas will be "majority Hispanic in six years."

Says real estate taxes were put in place to pay for Obamacare.

Says legislation supported by gay rights activists would strip "mother" and "father" from future Texas birth certificates.

Says that over the past 20 years, Texas public school spending rose 142 percent and per-pupil spending more than tripled when adjusted for inflation.

Says opponent Chad Chadwell "wants condom techniques demonstrated to your children."

Says he "is the reason we do not pay a toll every time we pass over the bridge at MoPac and William Cannon."

"We confer more PhDs each year than any other university in America except Berkeley."  

Says a voter-adopted constitutional amendment "instructed" a state board headed by Jerry Patterson to put $300 million in investment earnings into a fund supporting public school operations.  

Says Rush Limbaugh made it clear he’d rather see the country fail than President Barack Obama succeed.

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