Statements we say are Mostly False

Ted Cruz is "unknown to the vast majority of Texans."  

Says Mitt Romney said at a January 2012 debate that under Paul Ryan’s tax plan, "I’d have paid no taxes in the last two years."  

Says PolitiFact "validated and independently documented" its "criminal history" claims about Adan Ballesteros.

Says Texas proved in court that more than 200 dead people voted in the latest Texas election.

Says Michael Cargill was "arrested and incarcerated in Bell County."

Every "major newspaper in Texas calls" David Dewhurst "a moderate."  

Says a national Coca-Cola study showed Texans love Texas more than residents of any other state love their state; Wisconsinites ranked second.

"Most of Ted Cruz’s money comes from Washington, from outside the state of Texas."

Says he has nearly 200 delegates bound to support his candidacy at the Republican National Convention.

Says Jeff Wentworth, bending the rules, "has used $211,743.96 in campaign contributions to lease luxury cars."

Lloyd Doggett "made millions off companies like Bank of America while they took taxpayer bailout money."

Says the majority of candidates in Texas’ 25th Congressional District live outside the district.

"Tom Leppert pledged to make Dallas a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants."

Says Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley reduces 36 percent of felonies to misdemeanors and hands them off to her.

"Over the history of Austin, it’s always gotten more expensive."

Says the Department of Homeland Security has ordered "enough rounds of .40 caliber ammunition to kill every man, woman and child in the United States," possibly to combat "massive civil unrest" or "an invasion by a foreign power."

"The Austin school district calendar lists 64 different dates for either a state-mandated test or make-up test."

"The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office concluded ObamaCare will cost the U.S. more than 800,000 jobs."

Says she balanced a $10 billion budget shortfall without raising taxes.

Says she "created the first felony deferred prosecution program for nonviolent first-offenders" in Texas.

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