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Mailbag: The Twitter edition

By Angie Drobnic Holan
Published on Monday, August 17th, 2009 at 6:04 p.m.

We may not have as many Twitter followers as Meghan McCain, a.k.a. @McCainBloggette , and yes, we're jealous of her 50,000-plus followers. But we're not doing that bad either! And we love reading the Twitterverse's thoughts on PolitiFact.

In lieu of our usual mailbag of reader e-mails, here are unedited reader tweets from recent days. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, @politifact of course!

TRHSC @politifact Thanks for all you do, but its funny that even when it's put simply some people still don't want to believe the truth. So sad :(

srubenfeld Why can't more news organizations do something like this? RT @Politifact : Health care reform: A simple Explanation

faren800 Req'rd read 4 all citizens thinking of making a sign & yelling @ people: RT @politifact : Health care reform: made simple

Derek_Tusa RT @politifact : Barack Obama: AARP is "endorsing" the health care reform bill. . Um, actually they aren't Mr. President.

LessThanItTakes RT @politifact Just published new items on Barack Obama and Michele Bachmann. | Love me some facts. Most of the time.

thebohemiangirl @politifact If govt offers plan, it won't be much different than medicaid/medicare. I'll be dropping my private insurer fer sure.

dubbadubb @politifact a company will drop it's ins and pay a fine if it's cheaper than insuring employees.more people inturn go to gov run ins.

dubbadubb @politifact gov. will then take over the health care system.just like obama said "it wont happen all at once,it will take time." wake up!

angieburton I specifically love the Truth-o-meter and that everyone is fair game. you can also follow them on Twitter @politifact

jtotheco Can we finally agree that the Twilight Zone hasn't come true yet with the death panels? ( @politifact )

wikipublius @politifact President just said 46 M "fellow citizens" are without coverage. Isn't a percentage of that 46M illegal immigrants? #healthcare

politifact Obama's town hall full of applause so far, no boos or protesters, much like his previous town halls. #healthcare

paulvseale @politifact think maybe they preselected the audience. Nah. No politician would ever do that.

matttbastard What's worse: That @politifact had to fact check "death panels" or that the effort is fruitless?

sugasuga Sarah Palin is giving Sarahs a bad name! If only she'd like read or something. (via @politifact )

AFPMissouri So BHO cn exaggerate but not Palin? RT @tonymess : RT @politifact : Sarah Palin on health care reform & Obama's "death panel": Pants on Fi ...

tonymess @AFPMissouri Actually, if you follow @politifact , they've questioned Obama claims also. Very fair, fact-checking site, in my opinion.

punkmonkey8 @politifact love love LOVE politifact!!!!

AnnaTarkov If you're into politics and policy, you should be following @politifact . Didn't realize they were on Twitter, thanks @brianboyer .

eyeseast Starting to think this page from @politifact pretty much sums where we are in the health reform debate now. Sheesh. ( Editor's note: The Truth-O-Meter page was mostly red at the time of this posting.)

brianmclean Outstanding work by @politifact on nonsense surrounding the health care bill: (This should be mandatory reading.)

Walldo We were introduced to @politifact on day 1 of Newswriting and Reporting. "You don't want to end up on the wrong side of their website."

rwagner78 Question, if you co-author a book, put your name on the book, do you subscribe to the ideas in the book by default? @politifact says Nope. ( Editor's note: This was in response to our post about Glenn Beck and John Holdren

wilsondkw : Encourage folks to check & when upon hearin somethn inflammatory. Know of other non-partisan fact check sites?

moorman20 : @cspanwj PolitiFact should be the most visited website on the internet.

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