CBO 'report' doesn't say what Cantor claims

Eric Cantor on the Fox News Channel

In the debate over how best to provide economic stimulus, put U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, the Republican whip, in the camp that thinks more tax cuts and less government spending is the way to go.

Fair enough. But in a Jan. 21, 2009, interview on Fox News, Cantor cited a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office to back up his argument.

"We have a list of ideas very focused on small businesses, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and families, because we believe very much you provide tax relief to those individuals that we will see an economy that bounces back," Cantor said.

"Unfortunately, here on the Hill, what we're seeing now is the congressional Democrats proposed massive amounts of spending; that in fact today the Congressional Budget Office came out with a report — said that it's just not stimulus. It won't help the economy grow."

But we checked the report — it's actually more of a data run than a report — and found that's not what it says. You can find our full item here .