Potpourri of promises

We're updating our Obameter database of campaign promises.
We're updating our Obameter database of campaign promises.

You haven't seen as many Truth-O-Meter items from us in the past week because we've been working hard to update our database of President Barack Obama's 500-plus campaign promises.

As we update them, we're reminded of the stunning number of promises he made as a candidate and their specificity. He made promises that were targeted at dozens of different constituencies, from parents of autistic children to people who ride bicycles.

This week we found quite a range of progress, from Promises Broken to Promises Kept. A few of them:

* A Stalled for the public option in Obama's health insurance plan.

* A Promise Broken for his pledge to "ensure that federal contracts over $25,000 are competitively bid."

* A Promise Kept for the promise that he would double science and research funding for clean energy projects.

* An In the Works for a pledge to enact measures to prevent nuclear fuel from being used for bombs.

* A Compromise for his promise to spend $25 million to raise awareness of college financial aid.

We'll have lots more updates in the next week, so keep checking the Obameter for the latest.