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The Obama scorecard

By Angie Drobnic Holan
Published on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 at 2:34 p.m.

At the halfway point in his four-year term, President Barack Obama has made substantial progress on hundreds of his 506 campaign promises. He passed an economic stimulus package that advanced dozens of promises, and he followed up with a sweeping health care overhaul that boosted many more.

And yet the Obama administration has sacrificed plenty of promises along the way, giving them up in political deals or putting them on the back burner. And now he faces a Republican-controlled House that could not only block progress on some promises now In the Works, but the GOP will seek to repeal the health care law.

Here's a tally of his progress overall and in key areas:

Tracking Obama's progress on the Obameter
  All promises Foreign Policy Health Energy Taxes Military Top Promises
In the Works 44% 45% 48% 57% 23% 48% 36%
Stalled 15% 20% 13% 6% 18% 18% 16%
Promise Kept 26% 24% 25% 21% 23% 30% 20%
Promise Broken 7% 7% 8% 6% 15% 0% 16%
Compromise 8% 4% 8% 11% 21% 3% 12%
Total Count 506 82 80 53 39 33 25
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