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The perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift

By Becky Bowers
Published on Monday, February 13th, 2012 at 4:22 p.m.

Gosh, you’re a romantic bunch.

We suggested Monday that our PolitiFact Mobile app would make a lovely last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. (It's available from iTunes and other app stores.)

What’s more heart-melting, after all, than the world's first fact-checking app -- complete with your very own Pants on Fire button?

(Our colleagues at PolitiFact Virginia suggested you give chocolate, too.)

But some of you immediately disagreed.

On Facebook, Diane said, "If my husband gave me that he'd be spending the night ALONE!"

Dana chimed in, "Oh. my. gawd. gentlemen, if you give this as a Valentine's gift to anyone who isn't an avowed politics junkie, you will be banned from the bedroom for an extended period of time. You've been warned. :)"

(You mean some people aren’t politics junkies?)

We were more inclined to agree with Angel, who said, "Nothing sexier than holding a bunch of physically unattractive politicians' feet to the fire."

Or with Simon, on Twitter: "Baby, your pants are ON FIRE."

But maybe we’re a little heat-addled from all that pants-torching.

Others on Twitter turned up the heat:

• "Politifact attempting to end my relationship."

• "Mmm, that makes me all funny inside."

• "Yeah, if one is really looking to break-up; unless she's a left politico #Maddow fan — nah, even that won't work, she hates you." (No comment.)

• "Don't want to get laid on Valentine's Day? Give your loved one the PolitiFact Mobile app!"

• "Much like a Republican's wedding vows, it'll be Half-True." (We were under the impression this was a bipartisan challenge.)

• "Lighter than a box of rocks!"

• "No, please don't …"

But why try to charm your sweetie with perishable roses and calorie-laden treats, when you can nourish the mind for less than a heart-topped latte? Nothing says true love like ... the Truth-O-Meter.

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