Survey of doctors on health care reform

Here is the text of the one-page survey sent out by the pollster TIPP on behalf of Investor's Business Daily, as provided by TIPP to PolitiFact. We fact-checked a claim related to this item: Glenn Beck's statement that 45 percent of doctors "say they'll quit" if health care reform passes. We rated his statement False. Read our complete report for details.


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Dear Dr. ----------,

Government's proposed health care plan is a vital issue for doctors, your patients and the nation. The public and politicians should know what you think.

The results of this survey will be on Investor's Business Daily's front page and A press release will also be prepared. This will give doctors a voice in this key issue.

Please complete and mail the short survey today.

Thank you for your participation.


Wes Mann
Editor, Investor's Business Daily


1. Do you support or oppose government's proposed health care plan? _ Support _ Oppose

2. Reasons why?

3. If Congress passes their health care plan, will you ...
_ Continue your practice _ Consider leaving your practice or taking an early retirement

4. If Congress passes their plan, do you expect
_ Fewer students to apply to med schools in the future _ More students to apply to med schools in the future

5. Under government's plan, do you feel seniors will get
_ Better quality care _ Lower quality care

6. Do you believe the government can cover 47 million more people and it will cost less money and the quality of care will be better? _ Yes _ No

7. If it's true health care is growing too expensive, what key thing do you think should be done to slow increasing medical costs?

8. Under a government plan, do you think drug companies will have incentives to continue developing as many life saving new drugs? _ Yes _ No