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Provide an annual report on "state of our energy future"

"I will report to the American people every year on the State of our Energy Future."


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Still no report

Updated: Friday, August 13th, 2010 | By Lukas Pleva

The last time we checked on President Obama's campaign pledge to provide an annual report on the "state of our energy future," a White House spokeswoman told us that the National Energy Security Strategy Report was under review. We thus rated the promise In the Works.

That was several months ago, so we wanted to see how things have been unfolding since then.

We searched for the report via the White House website, Google, and Lexis Nexis, and found nothing. We also checked with an energy policy expert, who told us that he's not aware of such a report. Finally, we asked a press representative from the Senate Energy Committee to help us out, but he was not able to find anything either. Neither the White House nor the Department of Energy responded to our requests for a comment.

We're willing to change the ruling in the future, but for now, this is a Promise Broken.


E-mail interview, Bill Wicker, Communications Director, Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, July 26, 2010

E-mail interview, Jonathan H. Adler, Case Western Reserve University School of Law, June 22, 2010

Searches via the White House website, Google, and Lexis Nexis

We'll have to wait a little longer for an energy update

Updated: Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 | By Catharine Richert

On Jan. 20, 2010, Barack Obama will have been in office for a year, and so far, he's not delivered on his promise to publish an annual "state of our energy future" report.
We asked the White House about progress on this pledge. A spokeswoman said that administration officials will submit a National Energy Security Strategy Report to Congress in the first part of this year and that it is now under review.
So, the White House says that it's preparing the report. As a result, we'll move this promise to In the Works, but will keep a close eye on the issue in the coming months and post an update when the report is published.


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