Statements we say are Mostly False

"I never was in favor of shutting down the government. … (I) voted to fund the government fully."

"We went from $160 billion deficit spending in (President George W.) Bush's last year to $1.6 trillion the following year."

The "president has given 1,100 special waivers to his friends" for Obamacare.

Chris Christie "cut equal pay for women, calling it 'senseless bureaucracy.' "

"The United States Senate — Democrats and Republicans — (voted) to keep our government open."

With Obamacare, "we're fixing to get hit with the biggest entitlement program the American taxpayers have ever seen."

"The president’s own advisers have said there’s a war on coal."

Says he "opposed the president’s decision to go into Iraq" in 2003.

In the event of a U.S. strike on Syria, "the Russians will replace the weapons immediately. They’ve said it on the record. They’ve suggested they might even replace it with better stuff."

Chemical weapons have been used "probably 20 times" since the Persian Gulf War.

The 2010 DREAM Act failed despite "strong bipartisan support."

The book Little Red Riding Hood is something "that’s been banned in America," but not assault weapons.

"Three years after getting the $100 million (from Mark Zuckerberg), less than two-thirds of students in Cory Booker's Newark graduate."

Says Matt Bevin has repeatedly failed to pay his taxes.

"Even the employees’ union for the IRS -- the very people in charge of enforcing this law -- are begging to be let out from under this law."

Ninety million Americans either aren’t working or aren’t looking for work.

"This is the same (farm) bill we voted on a few weeks ago, with the exception of one or two sentences."  

The Senate immigration bill "has immediate legalization ... and the border security is sometime in the future, and just like in 1986, it's designed never to come into being."

On immigration reform, Marco Rubio "all along has been saying, 'We have to have border security first' " and then "he gets on Spanish TV, he ends up saying, 'No, no. That will never get in the way.' "

The IRS scandal "clearly showed some criminal behavior."

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