Statements we say are Pants on Fire!

Says Barack Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China" at the cost of American jobs.

"Under President Obama: $4,000 tax hike on middle-class families."

Says Barack Obama began his presidency "with an apology tour."

Says Mitt Romney’s investments created zero jobs.

Says Illinois Democrat David Gill "would end Medicare."

"Barack Hussein Obama will … force doctors to assist homosexuals in buying surrogate babies."

"Barack Hussein Obama will ... force local authorities to allow Occupy protesters to live in parks."

"Barack Hussein Obama will ... force courts to accept Islamic Sharia law in domestic disputes."

Says Obama sent $450 million to China to build a wind farm in Texas.

"Redistribution" has "never been a characteristic of America."

Barack Obama began his presidency "with an apology tour."

The Obama administration "even proposed banning farm kids from doing basic chores!"

Says President Obama has waived "the work requirement for welfare."

"Under Obama’s plan (for welfare), you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check."

Says Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years.

Says Mitt Romney "backed a bill that outlaws all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest."

The health care law includes "a 3.8% sales tax" on "all real estate transactions."

Says it's not "accidental" that the villain in the Batman movie is named Bane.

"Obamacare is . . . the largest tax increase in the history of the world."

Says "a lip-reading instructor at the River School, a Washington, D.C., school for the deaf" has determined that during 9/11 ceremonies, Michelle Obama said, "All this for a damn flag."

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