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The U.S. would gain revenue by cutting personal income tax rates in half and ending tax breaks.

"(Stimulus money) went to critically important projects like studying ants in Africa."

"Ronald Reagan raised the national debt 18 times."

Says his proposed payroll tax cut "will mean an extra $1,500 in your pocket compared to if we do nothing."

"The estimated savings of this (debt ceiling) deal only pay for half of the cost of extending all of the Bush-era tax cuts for another decade."

Ninety percent of the job growth in Virginia has been in the private sector.

Virginia spends $400,000 on abstinence programs while losing $2.5 million in federal funds due to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s "political agenda."

"We are number one in the world when it comes to energy resources. ... The Russians are second; Saudi Arabia is number three." 

"If you look at the benefits and wages of recorded federal employees, they far outstrip the market rates of the private sector."

For more than 30 years after World War II, there was a steady reduction in U.S. debt as a percentage of gross domestic product.

"If you take the population growth here in Virginia, we are net zero on job creation since (Bob McDonnell) became governor."

Department of Education officials investigating Virginia Tech shootings "have not once gotten into the car and driven down to Blacksburg to talk to the police chief or the university president or to anyone else."

Failure to raise the debt limit does not force a U.S. default on debt payments.

"American oil production is at its highest level since 2003."

There is "a situation in this country where you're nearing 50 percent of people who don't even pay income taxes."

"Nearly 2,000 high schools - roughly 12 percent of all secondary schools in the United States - produce about half of the nation’s dropouts."

"You’ve got each day 10,000 new seniors, baby boomers, becoming eligible for the entitlement programs."  

"China now owns $1.1 trillion of our debt, our trade deficit last year with them was a quarter of a trillion dollars."

"Each day our nation pays communist China $73.9 million in interest on our debt."

Salaries for Virginia’s teachers are below the national average.

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