In the Works rulings on the Walk-O-Meter

Create 10,000 new businesses

Will "get government out of the way of employers ... who will then help Wisconsin create 250,000 jobs by 2015, and as we create those new jobs, we will be able to add 10,000 new businesses.”

Cut property taxes so that the levy on a typical home in 2018 is lower than it was in 2010

Governor Walker commits to property taxes on the typical homeowner in Wisconsin being lower in 2018, at the end of his second term than they were in 2010, the start of his first term.

Increase higher education grants for certain students

Commit to increasing higher education grants so more students can afford college and target these investments in high demand fields of study for students who commit to staying in Wisconsin.

Return budget surpluses to taxpayers

“Every year we have a surplus, which we’ve had the last couple years, we’re going to continue to put that right back into the hands of the people who earned it, the hard-working taxpayers of this state.”

Serve a full term

"My plan is if the people of the state of Wisconsin elect me on Nov. 4 is to be here for 4 years….it’s a position I’m committed to.”