Rick Perry's 'Half True' description of Wendy Davis
By W. Gardner Selby June 28, 2013

Time ran out on the special legislative session in Texas amid the clamor of opponents in the Capitol before its Republican-majority state Senate voted to advance an abortion regulation measure to Gov. Rick Perry, who subsequently called another 30-day session.

We initially ran two abortion-related claims--one by GOP Rep. Jodie Laubenberg of Parker, the other by filibustering Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth--through the Truth-O-Meter. See them to the right along with our check of Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson's claim that the legislation has the support of the majority of Texans, which proved to be Mostly False, and our look at Perry's description of the senator's "difficult" circumstances in childhood and as a young mother.

What else did you hear that bears close review?

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Rick Perry's 'Half True' description of Wendy Davis