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Are you ready for Election 2020? Test yourself on the facts with PolitiTruth

Josie Hollingsworth
By Josie Hollingsworth October 13, 2020

It’s Election 2020 and stakes are high. Are you wanting to get informed about the issues in national, state and local elections?

Are you looking for a fun way to learn about those issues? 

Let us introduce you to PolitiTruth. 

You can test yourself, and see how you stack up against everyone else, with PolitiFact’s new game PolitiTruth. PolitiTruth is a mobile app available for Iphone and Android that lets you see the statements we at PolitiFact fact-check and let you in on the action.

Swipe right for False, left for True.

It's as simple as that. 

The game is available for free download for iOS and Android.

As we fact-checkers have found over 13 years of doing this, sorting fact from fiction isn't as easy as it seems.

You'll see how you stack up against other players, discover players' misconceptions and learn if you're improving your fact-checking game or (gasp!) regressing.

The game allows you access to our database of over 18,000 fact-checks, so if there's any quote you're not sure of, you can read all about the facts behind it. PolitiFact only uses on-the-record sources, and we post links to every piece of information we use in determining our rating.

So, take on your friends and see who has the best handle on the facts with PolitiTruth.

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Are you ready for Election 2020? Test yourself on the facts with PolitiTruth