Pants on Fire!
Says Nancy Pelosi said, if impeachment "doesn’t go through, I’ll resign."

Bloggers on Wednesday, December 25th, 2019 in a fake news post

Hoax site falsely says Pelosi to resign if impeachment fails

The website Breaking News offered Christmas Day news aimed to cheer anyone opposed to impeachment.

According to Breaking News, on Dec. 25 House Speaker "Nancy Pelosi gave a startling and wholly unexpected statement today during an interview with Belgian magazine ‘Le Mensonge’." 

Asked what she would do if impeachment failed to get the votes needed to pass, Pelosi said, "I won’t wait around. If it doesn’t go through, I’ll resign." 

"Hallelujah," the article said.

Except, of course, Pelosi never said that.

The Belgian magazine "Le Mensonge" doesn’t exist. The word itself means a lie in French.

A search of the Nexis news database brought up nothing to back up the site’s claim.

This is another example of a material moving from a so-called satire site to a website with no satire disclaimer. The original bunk was dated Dec. 9.

This claim is Pants on Fire!