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Tracking the promises of Gov. Rick Scott

Create over 700,000 jobs

"The 7-step economic program — over a 7-year period — will have a positive economic impact and create over 700,000 jobs for the state of Florida."

Institute Accountability Budgeting for each state agency

"Rick will institute Accountability Budgeting. He will make each state agency set annual goals for every dollar they spend, then measure their performance against those goals and hold them accountable for their outcomes."

Propose biennial budgets and give the public time to participate

"Propose biennial budgets in order to adequately review budget goals and give the public time to participate in the budget process."

Return Florida's state and local spending to at least the 2004 level

"Return Florida's state and local expenditure burden to at least the 2004 level before spending ballooned out of control."

Refuse temporary federal funds that create permanent spending

"Refuse temporary funding from the federal government that creates permanent spending in Florida."

No budget gimmicks, one-time revenues, borrowed funds, temporary funds or tax increases

"Balance the budget — without gimmicks, one-time revenues, borrowed funds, temporary funds, or tax increases."

Align state employee pension contributions with other states

Align "state employee pension contributions with other states" to save almost $1.4 billion.

Pay competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff

Pay "competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff."

Use inmate labor to grow prison food

Use "inmate labor to grow prison food."

Use competitive bids on health care contracts in prisons

Competitively bid prison health-care contracts.

More stringent standards on work requirements for welfare

Impose "more stringent standards on non-compliance with work requirements" for welfare.

Require drug screening for welfare recipients

"Require drug screening for (welfare) recipients."

Reduce the state's workforce by 5 percent

"Operational efficiencies: A 5% reduction in the state's workforce will save almost $300 million."

Reform Medicaid with a federal waiver

"Reforming health care for Medicaid recipients (through a waiver) and state employees to consumer directed care will lower the cost of health care, increase choice of health plans, and save taxpayers $1.8 billion."

Veto pork-barrel spending

"Veto what the legislators call 'turkeys' — costly and unnecessary pork-barrel projects."

Freeze all regulations

"We're gonna freeze all regulations. Regulation is killing jobs, the paperwork, the delay, the uncertainty, so we're gonna freeze regulation and look at what we can roll back that doesn't hurt consumers."

"I will freeze regulations currently in the pipeline until we have an opportunity to evaluate their impact. And we will begin immediately to review existing regulations to weigh their costs and benefits. Now, I want to be clear: There are some regulations that are essential for health and safety and some that are essential to the protection of our environment. Obviously, no responsible leader would tamper with those core safeguards. But it’s way past time to demand that every regulation be re-evaluated."

Reform PSC for more energy production

"Reform PSC (Public Services Commission) processes to allow reasonable energy production and expansion."

Lower workers' compensation costs by 35 percent

Will make "a 35 percent reduction in workers' compensation costs."

Bring state employee health insurance costs in line with the U.S. average

"Bring our health insurance costs and mandates in line with the U.S. average."

Lower electricity costs for business

"Address Florida's relatively expensive electricity costs."