Tracking the promises of John Kitzhaber

Create water measurement program

Will "institute an aggressive water measurement program and water user education program geared toward 'water rights and responsibilities.'"

Reform ballot measure process

Will "reform Oregon’s ballot measure process to ensure that voters are more aware of the long-term budgetary impacts of proposed measures."

Reform Oregon's kicker law

Will "reform Oregon’s kicker law (which refunds state surpluses in excess of 2 percent of projected revenues to taxpayers). Before money goes back to taxpayers, it should first fill a reserve fund that will protect Oregonians from service cuts or tax increases during recessions. This is the most immediate way to ensure stable funding for education and other programs in the face of cyclical tax revenues."

Create a state rainy day fund

"We have to build us a big savings account to give us some stability."

Push capital gains tax break

Will push capital gains break through the 2011 session.

Would support increase in cigarette tax if one were to pass legislature

Will "support an increase in the cigarette tax" if it is proposed and passes through the legislature.

Keep OLCC as public entity

"Will keep current tax structure of the OLCC."

Veto any tax increases to balance 2011-2013 budget

Will veto tax increases if Legislature seeks them to balance 2011-2013 budget

Create "energy savings bonds" to invest in public schools and colleges

Will "immediately create low-interest 'energy savings bonds' to jump-start big improvements in Oregon's public colleges and K-12 public schools."

Ask for resignations of top state managers and directors

Will ask for the resignations of all state agency directors and managers, and will appoint or reappoint those dedicated to increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Diversify (racially) his administration

Will have a racially diverse administration.

Create single state education budget

Will create a single unified state budget for education - the Oregon Education Investment Fund - that would combine the pre-K dollars in the Oregon Department of Education with the State School fund as well as the budgets for community colleges at the Oregon University System.

Use new health care law to create delivery model

Will "think about in the next couple years ... how we would set up a large demonstration project in Oregon that fundamentally shifts the way health care is organized and delivered ... and ask for a broad waiver from the federal government to give us permission to actually do that."

Create 10-year budget plan

Will create a 10-year budget plan to offer clearer sense of state's priorities.