Reform ballot measure process

Will "reform Oregon’s ballot measure process to ensure that voters are more aware of the long-term budgetary impacts of proposed measures."


Economic Plan


No action on ballot reform

One of the most frustrating things about Oregon for the governor is our boom-and-bust financing cycle, which is volatile in large part because we rely heavily on income taxes that go up and down. Kitzhaber would like to find ways to stabilize state spending, including reforming our ballot measure process.  

We have a rigorous citizen initiative process, but that also means that voters aren't always clear on what they're voting for or against, in the long run. Kitzhaber said he would like to change that.

But what does PolitiFact Oregon do when even the governor's office agrees that Kitzhaber has done nothing in particular to fulfill this particular promise? We can't rate it Promise Broken, given that he still has more than a year remaining on his term. Until then, we rate the promise Stalled and we'll be ready to pounce toward the end of 2014.


Emails from and interview with Tim Raphael, Sept. 4, 16, 24, 2013

2010 Economic Plan (page 19)