Tracking the promises of John Kitzhaber

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PolitiFact Oregon has compiled promises that John Kitzhaber made during the 2010 campaign and is tracking their progress on our Kitz-O-Meter.

We rate their status as Not Yet Rated, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken. (See our About the Kitz-O-Meter page for details on our ratings. And take a look at our launch story for more information about this project.)

The report card at right provides an up-to-the-minute tally of all the promises.

Promises we’ve rated recently

Guarantee two years of community college to those with new Oregon Diploma

The Promise:

Will guarantee "access to at least two years of community college or Oregon university education for students earning the Oregon Diploma."

Update: A new direction for state-funded college financial aid

Would support increase in cigarette tax if one were to pass legislature

The Promise:

Will "support an increase in the cigarette tax" if it is proposed and passes through the legislature.

Update: Will "support an increase in the cigarette tax" if it is proposed and passes the Legislature

Create teacher evaluation tool linked to student performance

The Promise:

Will create "a fair and meaningful teacher/administrator evaluation tool linked to student performance and growth."

Update: Creating a teacher evaluation tool linked to student performance has made progress, but more is left to do

Create water measurement program

The Promise:

Will "institute an aggressive water measurement program and water user education program geared toward 'water rights and responsibilities.'"

Update: Water measurement program might see new life in 2013-15 budget

Reform ballot measure process

The Promise:

Will "reform Oregon’s ballot measure process to ensure that voters are more aware of the long-term budgetary impacts of proposed measures."

Update: No action on ballot reform

Establish national laboratory in Oregon

The Promise:

"I will pursue, along with our congressional delegation, the establishment of a National Laboratory in Oregon."

Update: Kitzhaber continues to strive for a national lab in Oregon

Block oil drilling off Oregon coast

The Promise:

Will not "let people drill for oil off the Oregon coast."

Update: Kitzhaber keeps promise to ixnay oil drilling

Veto any tax increases to balance 2011-2013 budget

The Promise:

Will veto tax increases if Legislature seeks them to balance 2011-2013 budget

Update: No taxes were used to balance the 2011-13 budget

Create 10-year budget plan

The Promise:

Will create a 10-year budget plan to offer clearer sense of state's priorities.

Update: Oregon, we have a 10-year budget vision

Attract more federal transit funds

The Promise:

Will "work with our Congressional delegation to attract more funds federally for investing in different transit options that best fit a community and working with business creatively to provide workers more flexibility to reduce their driving, work from home or adopt flex time to address congestion problems and enhance our quality of life.

Update: Kitzhaber’s hoping that federal government comes through with transit money for new Columbia River Crossing

Link Pre-K and K-12 data systems

The Promise:

Will link "Pre-K and K-12 data systems, ensuring that we have access to superior data on outcomes."

Update: Linking the systems is still a ways off, but some funding has come through and more could be on the way

Guarantee transfer credit between higher ed institutions

The Promise:

Will guarantee "transfer of credit among all Oregon public colleges and universities."

Update: New transfer student bill of rights has Oregon moving in the right direction

Eliminate redundant standardized tests

The Promise:

Will restore "instructional time by eliminating redundant high-stakes standardized testing."

Update: Through legislation and other mandates, the governor has managed to make a dent

Create standards for child care and pre-school

The Promise:

Will create "uniform standards for early care and education programs, including workforce training to ensure Oregon’s early childhood professionals have sufficient training and consistent quality to prepare Oregon’s children for Kindergarten."

Update: A rating system is nearly in place and so are training programs

Reform Oregon's kicker law

The Promise:

Will "reform Oregon’s kicker law (which refunds state surpluses in excess of 2 percent of projected revenues to taxpayers). Before money goes back to taxpayers, it should first fill a reserve fund that will protect Oregonians from service cuts or tax increases during recessions. This is the most immediate way to ensure stable funding for education and other programs in the face of cyclical tax revenues."

Update: Personal kicker reform remains Stalled