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Janie Har
By Janie Har October 7, 2013

Water measurement program might see new life in 2013-15 budget

In his 2010 Environment Plan, Kitzhaber wrote that he will "institute an aggressive water measurement program and water user education program geared toward 'water rights and responsibilities.'" It's just one part of a multi-pronged effort to use water in smarter ways as demand increases statewide.

According to the governor's office, the state once had a water measurement program, which required heavy water users to report use. Then, the program was defunded and water use reporting dropped off.

Kitzhaber added about $275,000 to the 2013-15 budget for a staff person to assist water users with measurements and to help finance water measuring devices for individual farmers. We're going to give this program a little more time to percolate, but we can definitely rate this promise as In the Works for now.

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