Link Pre-K and K-12 data systems

Will link "Pre-K and K-12 data systems, ensuring that we have access to superior data on outcomes."


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Linking the systems is still a ways off, but some funding has come through and more could be on the way

A central piece of Gov. John Kitzhaber's education strategy was to bring the various learning branches under the same umbrella. During his campaign, he advocated for a single education budget as well as a strong central board that would guide the state's approach.

Along those lines, the governor promised Oregonians that he would link information from Pre-K programs and the K-12 system through a single database.

The governor tried to get the Legislature to fund a system (a P-20 longitudinal system in tech speak) to do just that, and more, linking the system from pre-kindergarten through college.  To pay for it, his 2013-15 budget proposed $10 million in bonding authority.

It didn't happen exactly like that, though. Instead, lawmakers approved $700,000 from the general fund to pay for a needs assessment and business plan. (Some of the money may also be used to replace some aging computer equipment.) Once lawmakers have reviewed the business plan, they might pony up the rest.

We'll call this promise In the Works and wait to see how lawmakers react to the pending assessment.


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