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Republican from Georgia

Austin Scott is a Republican candidate for Georgia's 8th Congressional District

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Don't panic. Use your Truth-O-Meter.

Election Day is tomorrow. Don't panic. Your Truth-O-Meter is here to help.

It's been working hard all election season, which means that AJC PolitiFact Georgia can now present to you a roundup of some of our rulings on the governor's race.

Our findings aren't pretty. Experts told us the rivalry between Democrat Roy Barnes, a former governor, and Republican Nathan Deal, a former U.S. congressman, will go down as one of the ugliest in recent history.

The state's biggest congressional race, which is in a district that snakes through the center of the state, also took a stroll through the mud. And the Atlanta area's toughest General Assembly race is in flames.

Brace yourselves. And don't forget your Truth-O-Meter.

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As election approaches, Truth-o-Meter whirls

With only days to go until Election Day, candidates kept the Truth-O-Meter whirling last week.

Our trusty meter ventured overseas and back again for claims
on Mexican workers, Chinese wind turbines and Washington health care.

Homegrown controversies over political TV ads on the rape shield law and education funding were also up for inspection. 

No one fared well. All our rulings were Half True or worse.

Election Day is Nov. 2.

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