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Casey Cagle, a Republican, is the lieutenant governor of Georgia

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Casey Cagle's tweet on Delta, the NRA and tax breaks. Is it legal?

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle vowed to kill any legislation that would benefit Delta Air Lines if the Atlanta-based company did not backtrack on its decision to end an agreement with the National Rifle Association to remain "neutral" in the national debate over gun control. 

Cagle’s statement was a promise of future action and political stance, so we are not rating it on the Truth-O-Meter. But we wanted to look into it after seeing  chatter wondering if it would be legal for Cagle to follow up on his threat.

2010: The Year in Misrepresentations

The new year approaches, and your AJC PolitiFact Georgia team is growing misty-eyed. 

Although we launched only six months ago, we already have cherished memories of pants we've burned, or slightly singed.

As the AJC Truth-O-Meter winds down for the year, we thought we would share a few of those moments when we smelled flames.

Here, in chronological order, are the summaries of some of our favorite untruths and misrepresentations of 2010:

Last week's themes: Money and Power

Last week's themes were money and power.

AJC PolitiFact Georgia used the Truth-O-Meter on General Assembly Republicans, who stripped power from Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and cheerily called it a "power-sharing agreement.”

We tested former President George W. Bush on his record on the national debt.

And to mark the start of Atlanta's fledgling bid to bring back the Super Bowl, we looked at the last time the game came to town. The Atlanta Sports Council said its economic impact was $292 million. Was it really that much?

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As election approaches, Truth-o-Meter whirls

With only days to go until Election Day, candidates kept the Truth-O-Meter whirling last week.

Our trusty meter ventured overseas and back again for claims
on Mexican workers, Chinese wind turbines and Washington health care.

Homegrown controversies over political TV ads on the rape shield law and education funding were also up for inspection. 

No one fared well. All our rulings were Half True or worse.

Election Day is Nov. 2.

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Truth-O-Meter stuck on Half True

The Truth-O-Meter spent much of the past week stuck on Half True.

Hope as we might that politicians and pundits would be beacons of truth, they struggled to get things right on everything from mammograms to the federal budget.

In one case, both Democrats and Republicans fumbled on the same issue: foreign money in U.S. elections. And in one case -- taxes -- a Republican got it mostly right.

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Here's how things went down: