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Citizens for the Republic is a conservative advocacy group headed by several veterans of the Reagan Administration.

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Truth: Rare in Election 2010, but not entirely absent

Occasionally candidates and other political groups told the truth this campaign season. Here are a few examples.

They flipped. They flopped. We wrote.

The Flip-O-Meter spun like a top last week. And once the Truth-O-Meter burned.

We owe this to the State Road and Tollway Authority, which voted to extend the toll on Ga. 400 to 2020. And Democrat candidate for governor Roy Barnes, who mentioned he'd like to run a "civil and polite" campaign to win back his old job.

And there's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., whose office took a quote out of context. Hence the smoke.

Others fared better. Citizens of the Republic, a group run by veterans of President Ronald Reagan's administration, stuck to the facts. And a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate got things half right.

We invite you to join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. You keep reading, and we'll keep the old Truth-O-Meter churning.

Here's how we ruled last week: