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Crossroads GPS is a conservative advocacy group founded by prominent Republicans, including former White House political adviser Karl Rove.

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The 30-second spot shows Democrat nominee Tim Kaine endorsing President Barack Obama’s $821 billion stimulus package. The moderator says the stimulus "actually wasted money studying ants in Africa," and paying for "office upgrades for politicians."

Rating Obama's response to the foreclosure crisis

We check Obama's record on the foreclosure crisis and see if Crossroads GPS is correct that he broke his promise.

Fact-checking the new Crossroads GPS ad

President Obama pledged to cut the deficit in half in February 2009, when it stood at $1.3 trillion. Today, the deficit is estimated at almost $1.2 trillion. 

Fact-checking the ad about Obama's promises

We fact-check the new ad from the conservative group Crossroads GPS.

The flood of falsehoods about the health care law

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to review President Barack Obama's health care law, we review the falsehoods that simply won't stop.