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Republican from Rhode Island

Michael G. Riley, a Narragansett businessman who calls himself a "small-government and free-market Republican," made an unsuccessful bid for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District in 2012. He is co-founder of the Coastal Management Group, a consulting and investment company. He has served on the Narragansett Pension Board and Charter Review Commission.

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Before you vote, check the Truth-O-Meter

Over the last several months, candidates have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build themselves up and knock their opponents down.

There have been attacks and counterattacks, scary TV ads, robo-calls and oversized campaign fliers clogging our mailboxes -- in other words, the fuel that sent our Truth-O-Meter into overdrive.

Just in the weeks since the September primary, we issued two dozen rulings on claims made by candidates for federal and statewide offices. Not surprisingly, many were way off base. And -- perhaps surprisingly -- many were true.

With the election just two days away, we decided to take a look back at some of our campaign rulings to help voters make up their minds.  Here’s a sampling from key races: