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On its website, Progress Texas describes itself as a "nonprofit communications hub that educates the public about politicians, policies and organizations that have a direct impact on the everyday lives of Texans." Its mission, according to the website, is "to provide a strong, credible and enduring progressive voice that will ensure more inclusive, just and sustainable policies for Texas."

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Mailbag: ‘Your journalism professors would be so proud of you’

Readers blast. We share. It’s mailbag time.


Were two-thirds of groups targeted by IRS not conservative?

After the IRS’s admission that it improperly targeted conservative groups, Progress Texas said two thirds of the scrutinized groups were not conservatives.

That's unknown and unlikely, we concluded, making for smoke.

Were two-thirds of groups targeted by IRS not conservative?

PolitiFact Texas has checked a claim by an advocacy group that the IRS didn't primarily target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. But the claim didn't hold up.

A $300 million fact check

As lawmakers convened, a state board authorized the release of millions of dollars for public schools--reminding us of a pair of relevant fact checks.

Reader: Maybe rename PolitiFact the Opinion-O-Meter?

When readers find us off our rockers, they let us know. Here’s to another dip in the mailbag.