Ted Cruz's false abortion claim was our No. 7 hit of 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz spoke about Hillary Clinton's position on abortion starting about the 52:19 mark of this University of Texas appearance in September 2016 (Texas Tribune YouTube video).

Our fact checks of claims by Texan Ted Cruz proved popular again.

For instance, the 7th-most-clicked fact check of the year concerned the Republican senator’s claim that Democrat Hillary Clinton "supports unlimited abortion on demand up until the moment of birth, including partial-birth abortion, with taxpayer funding."

We found that Clinton, like Cruz a failed presidential candidate, clearly supports a woman’s right to choose an abortion. She’d also called for ending congressional restrictions on Medicaid funding of abortions.

However, the former New York senator and first lady had said since 2000 that she’d support a legislated late-term limit on abortion if it included an exception to protect the health of the woman--which an existing law against partial-birth abortions does not. She hadn't pitched for unlimited abortion on demand.

We rated Cruz's claim FALSE.

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