Tracking the promises of Rick Perry

Designate eminent-domain reform as an emergency for 2011 Legislature

"...we are going to designate it an emergency issue so it doesn’t get bogged down in any of the last-days-of-the-session type of a problem."

Sign eminent-domain reform into law before end of 2011 legislative session

Have an eminent-domain "bill ready and probably passed and signed well before the legislative session is over."

Toughen law against human traffickers

Create a "tougher law to punish human traffickers, with penalties ranging from 25 years to life."

Pass law permitting prosecutors to seek life without parole for certain repeat sex offenders

Will work with lawmakers to "pass legislation allowing prosecutors to seek life without parole for repeat offenders convicted of sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault."

Require active monitoring of high-risk sex offenders for three years on release from prison

"The governor also is proposing legislation requiring the active monitoring of high-risk sex offenders using tracking technology as part of the sex offender's sentence, and requiring all high-risk registered sex offenders who have served their entire prison sentence be actively monitored for three years upon release from prison."

Declare repeal of Houston's "sanctuary city" rules to be emergency

Make the abolition of our sanctuary city rules an emergency item when our legislature meets this next January.

Freeze public-college tuition increases for four years

"To make education even stronger I have proposed several initiatives, which include... implementing a four-year tuition freeze at state universities..."

Pursue state aid to pay share of education center at Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington

"I will work with the legislature to ensure Texas does its part to make this dream a reality by pursuing an appropriation that will enable Texas to bear its fair share of the project's costs."

Secure $830 million in federal education funding denied to Texas because of non-compliance with congressional amendment requiring state to spend the aid on public education.

"I will continue to work with the Department of Education to secure" $830 million in education aid that is in limbo because of a standoff over a congressional requirement that Texas commit to spending the money on public schools.

Create teams to arrest sex offenders who have violated parole

"The OAG, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and local law enforcement will work together to create Sex Offender Parole Violation Apprehension Teams, which will arrest high-risk sex offenders who have violated parole. These teams will coordinate with local law enforcement to conduct additional registration compliance checks on predatory, high-risk sex offenders."

Ensure Legislature acts on a proposal requiring voters to present photo IDs

"This next session of the Legislature ... One thing they (lawmakers) do understand and that is the governor has the ability to keep them in town until they address some issues. So I guess I might as well put them on notice today: We're going to do voter ID in 2011. We can either do it early, or we can do it late. Their call."

Let Texas judges dismiss frivolous lawsuits

“If a lawsuit is frivolous, Texas judges should be able to dismiss the case immediately before the legal bills pile up.”

Require the legislature to say when it creates a new cause of action in statute

Require “the legislature to explicitly state when they are creating a new cause of action in statute, forcing courts to read statutes strictly and providing only those rights and remedies the legislature intended.”

Increase access to courts for legitimate claims

Make the court system “more accessible to Texans with legitimate claims without the incurred costs associated with drawn out trials. Lawsuits with claims between $10,000 and $100,000 should have expedited trial settings and limited discovery in order to get litigants in and out of court quickly and allow swifter recovery for damages.”

Make “losers” pay for frivolous lawsuits

“If a court determines that a lawsuit is groundless or a jury determines a suit is frivolous, then the plaintiff should be required to pay the defendant’s attorney's fees.”