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Video Credit: Jillian Banner

In an October 2020 campaign speech in Georgia, just days before the election that sent him to the White House, candidate Joe Biden used a quote from Pope Francis.

The quote came from a letter the pope had sent to Roman Catholic bishops, in which he urged world leaders to "ask ourselves, ‘Why I am doing this? What is my real aim?’" 

On social media, former President Donald Trump’s campaign seized on the moment to turn it against Biden and cast him as confused and senile — a narrative Trump and his allies had been pushing for months. With a tweet clipping Biden’s speech down to just 7 seconds of video, the campaign made it look like Biden was speaking for himself, rather than quoting the letter.

"Joe Biden: ‘Why am I doing this? Why? What is my real aim?" the Trump War Room account said in the Oct. 27 tweet. PolitiFact rated the tweet False.

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